Visiting the Bluebell Forest: Hallerbos, Belgium

hallerbos belgium bluebell forest

One of the best day trips from Brussels you can plan in April is visiting Hallerbos Belgium. During this time Hallerbos forest will turn bright blue with bluebells – wild hyacinth flowers. It really is a bucket list experience in Europe and one I would strongly recommend doing if you happen to be in Belgium or around at this time of the year.

When to visit Hallerbos forest Belgium?

Bluebell blooming season in Belgium depends on the weather, but usually starts in mid-April and continues for around two weeks until the beginning of May. So the best time to visit this Blue forest in Belgium is the second half of April.

The best you can do is to check the official homepage of the forest. There you will find information about the exact time of the blooming season for the year 2020. To find out more, visit the website here.

hallerbos bluebell forest belgium

When the bluebells in Halle forest are in full bloom, it can get very crowded. So if you have a chance, consider visiting Hallerbos on a weekday instead of a weekend. This way you will have the paths for yourself.

If you only have a chance to go a weekend, try coming as early as possible. Not only will you have the best light for your pictures, but also will avoid the crowds. Halle forest gets really packed later in the day.

Practical information for visiting Hallerbos Belgium

You can find the map of the forest and recommended paths here.

During the bluebell season, mobile toilets will be set up in the entrance to the forest. Otherwise, there will be no toilets on your way, so keep that in mind.

There are some picnic tables, but no kiosks and very few restaurants in the area, so take some snacks and importantly water for your trip.

The forest paths can be muddy, so wear sturdy and comfortable shoes or even hiking boots for your walk.

Visiting Hallerbos with small children is definitely possible, I have tried it myself. A toddler can walk the path, and you can also follow some of the bigger paths with a buggy. Just rather the one with bigger wheels.

How to get to Hallerbos Belgium

Hallebos forest is located around 25 km away from Brussels in the municipality of Halle. It is a Flemish part of Belgium, so prepare to have all the signs in Dutch, not French.

By car:

Very easy! Just put “Vlasmarktdreef 4, Halle, Belgium” into your GPS or Google maps and follow the navigation.

Keep in mind that during the bluebell season Hallerbos forest can get very crowded and parking can be tricky to impossible. Because of this and also your environmental footprint, I would strongly advise using public transport to get to Hallerbos forest Belgium.

By public transport:

Take a train from Brussels to Halle. When in Halle, there will be a free shuttle bus service to Hallerbos during the weekends of the bluebell blooming season. You can find more information on the exact times of the shuttles here.

hallerbos bluebell forest belgium

By bike:

You can also rent a bike from the Halle train station. It has a bike point and automatic key distributor. The forest is less than 5 km away and you can see cycling path to the forest on this map.

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    Thank you for writing this blog. I look forward to visiting the bluebells this April 2022. I am a woman travelling alone. Are there any concerns going alone early in the morning to n the forest?

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