Twin Peaks Black Lodge Cafe in Europe? Yes, come to Vilnius!

Are you a fan of Twin Peaks living in Europe, in constant frustration that there is no real diner here to get some watery americano with a piece of damn good cherry pie? That was me. But now you don’t need to travel all the way to the US to get it. Vilnius in Lithuania (already an amazing place) has just gotten its very own replica of the Black Lodge.

Called Black Lodge Cafe Speakeasy in Vilnius, it is an almost exact copy of the one featured in David Lynch’s Twin Peaks series minus Laura Palmer and backwards talking plus black coffee and cherry pie.

The place is located in the cellar of a pizzeria in the Republic of Uzupis. You have to book your visit in advance, sometimes very well in advance. The Black Lodge as you know it is not a crowded place – aside from an occasional dead visitor, Bob and Agent Cooper, it mostly stays rather private. The Black Lodge Cafe is true to the original, so only up to 3 people are allowed to stay there at the same time.

When you book your visit, you will receive directions to the place. Upon arriving at Pronto Pizzeria, you will get the key to the Lodge. And then your magical 50 minutes in Twin Peaks begin. The music and the interior will set the atmosphere, and then a waiter will wheel in a table with a damn good cherry pie and damn watery for my European taste americano. Perfection!

So, in a nutshell:

  • You have to book your visit in advance using the website of the Black Lodge Cafe Speakeasy
  • Your visit will last up to 50 minutes
  • The price paid in advance is 7 euro per person
  • Authentically-watery American coffee and a piece of “damn good cherry pie” will be included in the price
  • You can be up to 3 people in the cafe at a time
  • Children and pets are not allowed
  • Vegan option: According to the Facebook of the cafe, the pie doesn’t contain eggs nor milk products, but the margarine used might contain traces of milk.

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2 thoughts on “Twin Peaks Black Lodge Cafe in Europe? Yes, come to Vilnius!

    • merrygoroundslowly says:

      I really hope they stay open for a while! At the moment it’s super popular and booked more than a month ahead, so check it well in advance to have a place!

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