Chocolate Workshop in Brussels – Learning from the Best

truffles made during chocolate workshop in brussels

For the past year, Brussels has been my home. For the past couple of centuries, it has been the home of some of the best chocolate in the world. How lucky am I that those two storylines now came together! Not only you can buy this great chocolate here, but also make it fresh with your own hands at a chocolate workshop in Brussels.

I am not a complete beginner when it comes to chocolate. I am quite a pro at eating it, intermediate in writing about it, and for a while, I have even been making it. Chocolate truffles are my favourite when it comes to the types of chocolate products. I had my own recipe for making them – with some success.

Choosing the right chocolate workshop in Brussels

So when I had a chance to chose an activity on Musement platform – any activity in Brussels, I have chosen a workshop, teaching how to make Belgian chocolate truffles. And knowledgeable as I may have considered myself, there was still so many tasty things to learn.

tempering chocolate at chocolate workshop in brussels
Learning to temper the chocolate

I have chosen to make chocolates with Cathy from Cocoa Journey, and boy was it the right choice! Cathy is a New Yorker from Wall Street. She abandoned her career to work for the best European chocolatiers, such as Rococo Chocolates in London and Callebaut and Pierre Marcolini in Brussels. And now she has started her own little Cocoa Journey. With Cathy can both learn more about Brussels chocolate scene and also make your own chocolate to bring home as presents or eat yourself.

What will you learn in this workshop?

The truffle making workshop takes 1.5 hours. During this time you will temper the chocolate, roll your truffles and apply the chocolate coating. Wanna try something ultimately Belgian? There is a truffle enrobed in crushed Speculoos biscuits.

Later you can unleash your artistic side while making mendiant chocolates. A mendiant is a traditional French/Belgian confection made of a chocolate disk, which you decorate with nuts and dried fruits while the chocolate is still not set. The sky is the limit for your creativity. Instead of the disc, you can pour your chocolate to take any shape you want – a star, a letter, a bike or a hamster in tiny speedos.

dark chocolate
Apparently, not all of these best-known chocolatiers use the bean-to-bar process. During the workshop, you will also learn, which are really worth tasting and which ones you can skip.

And while learning all those amazing practical skills, Cathy will also explain to you bean to bar process. You will find out how the cocoa beans become a great Belgian praline. Cathy will also tell you some behind-the-scenes of the Belgian chocolate world. She will advise you about the best places to try certain confectionary and places to avoid. You will walk out from this Brussels chocolate workshop a changed person. Now you can look down on all those tourists getting full boxes of chocolate in the first shop they saw on their way.

This chocolate making workshop Brussels will definitely be one of the highlights of your trip.

How to book the chocolate workshop in Brussels

The workshop takes place in a chocolate shop called Darcis on Rue au Beurre 40, just off the Grand Place. It is very easy to book this workshop or the chocolate tasting tour also by Cathy using the Musement platform. Actually, on Musement you will also find many other ideas on what to do in Brussels, such as a tour to the Atomium, visiting different museums, or even going on a guided day trip to Brugge, Ghent or Antwerp. Booking takes just a couple of clicks and you can keep all of your activities in one place.

By the way, Musement also works in many other European countries, so check it out, when you want some interesting activity and don’t know where to look for it!

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I was invited to the chocolate workshop by Musement, however, all opinions remain as usual my own.

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