Bangenis – Anyksciai Swimming Pool

For now this is probably my favourite swimming pool – and having lived in Hungary for some time, I’ve been to many.

First of all, it has a beautiful view on the pine forest.

And it also has everything else I look for in the swimming pool: cleanliness,  good water temperature and a sauna.


Speaking of sauna. It has just a perfect selection: an infra red, a Turkish steam room, a Russian banya and my favourite: salt steam room – a kind of  a steam room, where once in a while a salty damp air would be coming from the ceiling.

What I liked probably the most were the people. They smiled to us, drank herbal teas from thermoses, used the towels when sitting in sauna and politely left their flip flops outside the steam room.

Don’t get worried (like we did) when you see it from the outside. Inside it is completely different (renovated) story.
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