How we decided to go to the Lake Iseo in Italy

Pilzone casa del nespolo iseo

1. My husband and I decide we need to go somewhere in November, as it is the absolutely THE MOST MISERABLE month in Lithuania (yes, like this in caps lock). It’s dark and grey and rainy like March, but differently from March there is no hope for a change for a better weather coming soon.

2. I check the cheapest tickets on Ryanair. This time the cheapest (but also in the direction South) are the following: Madrid, Bergamo, Malta and Cyprus. Bergamo is cheapest of them all. So we get it, and for 2 weeks vaguely talk about going to Lake Garda.

3. I start checking, everything with the budget under 400 euro for 2 people for a week around Lake Garda. I discover amazing thing: there are hotels and apartments, and while the latter are cheaper (under 300 euro), in the small print they have additional conditions. For example, cleaning fee of 40 euro, electricity fee of 15 euro per night and so on. It looks far far above our budget already.

4. I switch to AirBnb just in case there is something, and randomly find a beautiful picture of something called Casa del Nespolo, Lake view in a town called Pilzone. Have a look yourself here.

Casa del Nespolo, Pilzone, Italy, Lake Iseo
View from our B&B in Pilzone

And then discover it’s lake Iseo, not Garda.

5. After 2 minutes googling (“lake Iseo is mostly favored by Italians, less by tourists”) we decide that what is good for Italians is good for us and book the room. In the description it suggest us to walk Via Valeriana (“ancient Roman path, which starts from Pilzone”), visit Monte Isola, cities Iseo, Edolo.

And this is exactly what we did.

3 thoughts on “How we decided to go to the Lake Iseo in Italy

  1. Zsolt says:

    It was very nice there, sunny Autumn like mid-October in Hungary. I would like to go back and buy a property later on.

    • merrygoroundslowly says:

      Sure! Or maybe just buy some land and bring the property over from some small Northern European states? I heard they make some nice ones there.

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