Gradiali Anyksciai: Great Interior, Bad Service

Gradiali Anyksciai

In a way I’m kind of grateful to this place, because it was the kick I needed to start writing this blog. I have created it already a couple of weeks ago, but there was always something (I often call my laziness “something”) which came up and prevented me from writing it. So, thank you Gradiali Anyksciai, and I dedicate to you my first entry.


When I found this place online, I was rather excited. It was built in the style I really like (and very different from traditional Lithuanian huts) using functional design and clean lines. We booked one night for my family (4 people total), planned some programme in the surroundings and went on a little road trip.

When we got there, I liked it even better than in the pictures. The rooms were not big, but well designed, clean and cosy, there was one style to the building. There are by the way 3 building: Sun Villa, Wind Villa and Lake Villa (we stayed by the lake).

It was all as said quite functional and modern, but also made use of some ancient elements for design, and did it really well.

We checked in around 1 pm, left our bags and went on exploring Anyksciai. The room was very cold, but we were assured that they just started the heating and it will get warm in no time.

When we got back around 8 pm our room was as cold as in the beginning. It was very windy outside, and we found at least two holes in the wall from which the wind blew straight into the room. The ventilation in the bathroom also worked other way round than it usually does – because of the wind it just blew the cold air in.

We contacted the receptionist, who came with a technician and a thermometer and suggested we measure the temperature before she decides if we qualify to be given another room (we were wearing jackets at that point). We insisted on moving to another room, and she reluctantly agreed after the technician told her that he can’t insulate the whole wall and change the ventilation right now.

To be fair, another room was warm and nice. My parents room was normal temperature, and the bathroom was too cold to enjoy the shower, but possible to survive.

The breakfast was fine (meaty and eggy) and was well seasoned with comments from our receptionist such as: “I am glad you at least like the breakfast.”

Sum up

Great looks, shitty communication, might be worth calling in advance to check, if the room is well insulated.

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