Motel One: When Pretty Meets Comfortable

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Motel One is a hotel chain of German origin. As it often is with chains, the hotels look similar, whether you are staying in one near the busy Alexander Platz or in artsy Barcelona. Actually, I would say that the word “similar” does not do it a proper justice. When I walked in Motel One in Brussels, I was for a moment lost, as I felt I have already been to this place, sat in that blue chair near the fireplace TV and admired that particular lamp. It took me a while to realise that I have been to another one (or another One, what a pun!) in Berlin.

This same-ness, combined with high quality and like-able (for me at least) design is a great thing for a hotel. While you are bombarded with new impressions, smells, views and tastes, you sometimes need to be sure that your base: your bed and your shower are of a good quality. It is especially good for a hotel in Brussels, where you are likely to get a combination of a dirty room and arrogant service for a rather high price.

So, what can Motel One offer you?

The design of Motel One

The stand out and thought through design of Motel One is one of its signatures. In all hotels you will find a combination of turquoise and wooden elements in both the lobby and the rooms. The furniture is bold, but comfortable, and you might feel slightly overwhelmed by the collection of different lamps, wall decorations and other details. Whether you enjoy this kind of over-designed spaces or not, this is for sure not “just another faceless hotel lobby”.

Rooms at Motel One

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The rooms have everything you want to have in your hotel room. Big window, enough light (again, bonus points for Motel One in Brussels – most hotels I lived in in Brussels did not have any ceiling light). Proper thick curtains. Great mattress and several pillows to chose from. Plugs where they need to be. Organic soap and skincare in big containers (bonus points for ditching those tiny soaps wrapped in plastic). So, it does have everything you need and one extra thing you probably do not need – a fireplace TV.

Breakfast at Motel One

Good for Western Europe. While as a true Eastern European in my heart and stomach I love Polish breakfasts best of all (with their selection of pickles, eggs, herring and pancakes), Motel One offers a good selection of organic tea, cereals, yogurts and some cheese, ham and vegetables. They also have some gluten and lactose-free options, very limited amount of fruits. And – as we are getting close to France – croissants and pain-au-chocolat, which are so much better than you can by anywhere in the East.

Location of Motel One Brussels

Is very central, but not in the Old Town, which might be a good thing. Motel One is spacious and rather new building, so you will avoid the “charm” of those historical hotels of the old town, where the room is crammed and the windows are tiny holes, overlooking the opposite wall just half a meter away. You will need to walk some 10 minutes to reach the Grand Place, Manneken Pis, Galleries Royales St Hubert and other landmarks of Brussels, and even less to get to the main park of Brussels.

What to do in Brussels?

I have some suggestions for your half day in Brussels – of course if you have more time, it will work even better, as you can then stop for some Belgian beer and moules frites. And of course do some chocolate shopping in Galleries Royales. If you are staying longer, then Motel One is a perfect base for your trips around the region (why not travel to Reims for example?) – a base, where you can come to in the evening to relax by your fireplace TV.

You can book your stay at Motel One here.

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  1. stellymm says:

    I love those egg designs! How cute! I would love a hotel for doing this lol. Love that shower btw. So chic and clean looking.

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