Hotel Aviation Brussels: Only in Case of Emergency

About the hotel

Hotel Aviation Brussels was particularly memorable for me, as so far in my experience this was the worst hotel stay. Of course, I had my share of very awkward, weird, disgusting Couchsurfing experiences, a couple of rather uncomfortable AirBnB’s, but speaking of the hotels – this one is at the moment at the top 1. I am usually careful when booking accommodation and will check the reviews and scores. If my budget is limited, I also would rather go less central/no breakfast/less facilities than below the score 7 in However, this time the hotel choice was made by my colleagues, and I gave it a try. The morale? I’ll stick to the scores 7 and above.

The room was also dark and smelly, and I only stayed there to sleep. Only after leaving the hotel I realised that I don’t have many pictures of it. Well, the ones I have a honest, and for the rest do visit their website and (below).

Hotel Aviation Brussels
Welcome! Your room awaits. It’s a non-smoking one, because it will be soooo stinky, that you don’t actually need to smoke yourself. 😉


Hotel Aviation Brussels is located near Midi Station right at the square de Aviation. It is a walking distance (or two metro stops) away from the city centre and you can enjoy some nice bars and restaurants at the Square d’Aviation itself. However, no matter how central, this area is neither very safe or clean.

Who is staying here

My guess is that those are the travellers, who want to save money, stay in the centre of Brussels and have forgotten to check the score and reviews of the hotel before actually coming there. My companions were other colleagues, who came for the conference and got booked there, and one hysterical French-speaking couple, who quarreled half of the night in the room right next to mine.

What makes it special

The combination of annoying small things, which one by one would be tolerable, but together made my stay at the Hotel Aviation Brussels there especially bad.


The breakfast is served in the restaurant nearby. The selection is limited, but you can still get some decent yogurt, eggs and sausages. Although at the time I visited the restaurant was completely empty, there were still some “special tables” I was not allowed to sit at. You can try to identify them by nicer water glasses and napkins, or just sit anywhere and risk being asked to move by the waiter.

Extra facilities

No special facilities, it is a rather small hotel.


The room was rather dirty, it smelled of cigarettes despite being non-smoking room, it had some cables sticking out of the wall. You could hear the neighbours really well and the shower had some mold on the wall. The window was difficult to open (and afterward – to close) and some of the lamps did not work.

Practical Information

Address: Square de l’Aviation 20, 1070 Brussels, Belgium

Online: Website

Prices and booking: Are you still planning to book it? Ok ok, I am not sure whether you are brave, into dirt or just curious, the price starts from 45 euro per night. You can check your dates here.

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