Chosing the Best Toddler Backpack for Travelling

Chosing the best toddler backpack for your little one can be a very exciting task. It is much less of the investment and the responsibility then chosing most of the other items, like strollers, carriers and furniture. And at the same time I find it rather symbolic. In a way it marks the step your kid takes from being a baby you take with you on your trips into becoming a proper traveller. And if I ask you to name just one item you can’t imagine travelling without, it will probably be a backpack! So, let’s chose a good one for your toddler.

However, with so many travel backpacks for kids on the market this choice might be a bit overwhelming. I know it myself, as I was just recently trying to pick the best toddler backpack for my son. It had to be the one he would enjoy wearing, but at the same time safe and ergonomic, sturdy, not too expensive and comfortable for me to carry around to (high-five, parents who know the reality of carrying the stuff after your kids).

That’s why I decided to write this guide and share my insights. It’s intended to give you a good overview of the best toddler backpacks on the market. I have carefully researched the reviews, prices, qualities and styles and collected the top 5 toddler backpacks for you to chose from. But before we begin, let’s answer this question:

Why does your toddler needs a backpack of his own?

1. It makes your kid feel big and independent

Since the age of two my son has gone: “Let me, let me!” He knows, which is my backpack, and which one is his dads, so when he got his own one, he was so excited to point at them all: “Mum’s! Dad’s! Mark’s!”. Even if I stop my list here, that happiness is the reason enough to invest into a backpack of his own.

2. You can limit the amount of toys

When they are babies, it’s so easy! I used to entertain Mark with paper cups, napkins, keys and whatever else I found around or in my pockets. Now it’s not enough, as he has some 465132 his favourite toys. When we start packing, he suddenly decides that the monkey, and the tiger, and the donkey, and the tractor, and oh just that box of Lego, and maybe also a ball – all of these need to go with us. One little backpack solved the issue. Even at 2 Mark understands the notion of limiting the number of toys he can take to the size of the backpack. And I save a lot of time, because I don’t need to explain, why I am packing clothes and not three plush tiggers into the main luggage.

3. Believe it or not, you will have to carry less

Very little less, mind you, as this toddler travel backpack will probably only fit a toy, a sippy cup, a little snack and it’s full. But it’s still something. I understood the saying about the straw which broke the camel’s back once travelling with Mark on a bus with a luggage and a heavy backpack on my shoulders. He was carrying his toys and water in his own, and I suddenly realised I was exactly that camel, and my back was saved.

And so, which is the best toddler backpack on the market?

Here is my list of the most practical and at the same time cute toddler backpacks. Keep in mind that some cheap toddler backpacks can be just as good as more pricey ones. If you are wondering where to buy toddler backpack, I have also includes some links to Amazon in this article, so you don’t need to look further. Another side note: I have not divided the backpacks in categories like “toddler girl backpack” or “toddler boy backpack”, because I think dividing toys by gender rather than by your child’s preferences is simply wrong.

1. Trunki PaddlePak Back Pack

Trunki PaddlePack Backpack
Click on the picture to check out the price of the Trunki PaddlePack Backpack on Amazon

I put this one first on purpose, as this is the one Mark ended up getting as a present from his fairy Godmother. Trunki PaddlePak backpack is water-resistant. If you have been a parent for longer than a day, you already know that “water-resistant” is not a quality to be reserved for a kayaking trip, but for a must-have feature for every day life. Give me a coin for each time I fished it out of a puddle, and I will have 3 coins. But then again, getting your backpack wet and dirty even once is already way too many.

Specifics: This backpack is fit for even a small child of over 1 year. Mark got it when he became 2 and he already loves it. It also comes with reflective strips, padded mesh back and adjustable shoulder straps. Trunki PaddlePak backpack also has a separate zip pocket, which Mark hasn’t discovered yet himself. This is very handy for me to put his pacifier in, so I don’t forget it, but at the same time have some control over when he uses it.

Design: For me this was the cutest toddler backpack on the market! They come in different variations of fishes, frogs and turtles. Mark got his bright orange Nemo fish, and I sometimes want to borrow it from him to wear myself.

2. Littlelife Animal Toddler Daypack

Click on the picture to check out the price of the LittleLife Animal Backpack on Amazon

Little life backpack or day pack as they call it combines cuteness and practicality. It is has a good zip and spacious inside part, where all the favourite toys can fit for sure.

Specifics: Littlelife backpack comes with internal name and address tag, hideaway hood and adjustable shoulder strap. It also has a sternum strap, so if you are looking for the best toddler hiking backpack, this can be the one. One of the features I really like in this one is the removable safety strap for parents. This is a kind of leash, which used to look creepy to me before I had my own toddler and travelled with him to Oxford Street in London.

Design: Chose from the full range of animal backpacks for toddlers. Is your kid into turtles, fish, ladybugs, tigers or dinosaurs? I’m pretty sure you can find something you like in the range. I myself would go for Gruffalo – having it on my back would probably make me feel safer.

3. Wildkin Olive Kids Trains, Planes and Trucks

Click on the picture to check out the price of the Wildkin Backpack on Amazon

I’m sure that right now Mark would have chosen this one for himself, as he is so much into planes and trucks. So if your child is going through the same phase, this might be a good choice. Additionally, you can get your little one a lunchbox with the same design.

Specifics: This backpack is slightly bigger then the previous ones, and is best suited for toddlers aged 3-6. It has the adjustable straps and is made of safe materials. One of the best features of this backpack is its front pocket. It is insulated, easy to clean and is made of food-safe fabric, so you can use it for lunches and snacks. For me just this pocket alone makes it possibly the best backpack for traveling with toddlers.

Design: I like this kinda grown-up shape of Wildkin. Being a small toddler backpack, this shape makes it looks really cute. And if your child is not into vehicles, don’t worry. There is a plenty of designs to chose from with unicorns to space ships.

4. Yisibo Kids Backpacks

Click on the picture to check out the price of the Yisibo Backpack on Amazon

Click on the picture to check out the price of the Yisibo Backpack on AmazonOoooh, Yisibo I would wear myself, if it wouldn’t be one of those mini backpacks for toddlers. Space rockets, spiky dinosaurs, a cow, a shark and a monkey – to name just a few. This one will give your little one a really modern stand-out-from-the-crowd look. And also yourself, as remember – after the first minutes it will be you carrying it around after your kid.

Specifics: The backpacks are made from light-weight neoprene and have padded adjustable straps and ergonomic back. They also come with parent safety strap, which you can use in crowded places and then remove. Keep in mind that this backpack is very small, so it would work best for a smaller child from 1 to 4 years old.

Design: Yisibo knows how to make cool toddler backpacks. Design-wise these are some of the best I’ve seen on the market.

5. Herschel Supply Co. Survey Kids

Click on the picture to check out the price of the Herschel Backpack on Amazon

For all you hipster parents out there! Did you know that Herschel makes special little backpacks for toddlers? I heard some people even buy this one for themselves, not wanting to carry a big bag around. Don’t be confused though. It might look exactly like the proper adult Herschel, but it is a special toddler size backpack edition of their famous one.

Specifics: If you are familiar with Herschel bags, then you can expect pretty much the same here, just in smaller size. It is not the most ergonomic one, nor is it waterproof, but it is rather spacious for a toddler backpack and rather sturdy. Just as a tip: as the bag is not waterproof, you might want to treat it with some water-repellent spray before the first use, so it can survive falling into a few inevitable puddles.

Design: It’s rather classical Herschel, coming in rather many colours and patterns. If you are looking for trendy toddler backpacks, look no more!

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