10 Reasons to Experience Spring in London

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Have you already planned your spring travels? Is London on the list? If not, maybe you should go through your list once again. I know that there is no place like London at any time and in any weather, but I urge you to experience spring in London, if you haven’t tried it yet.

Before we begin, let’s answer the main question: When does spring start in London? The astronomical spring begins around 20th of March. I come from the North, so I am not picky: the end of February is usually rather good for me, with most of the pleasures from this list already on offer.

Spring in London

1. Blooming London in spring

We often imagine London as a city of stone and glass, thinking of the iconic historical building like St Paul’s Cathedral and the Tower, or the modern districts like the City and Canary Wharf. But spring turns London into a blooming garden. Come here to walk the pink fragrant streets, lined with blooming cherry trees and pavements covered in petals. Admire lilac and wisteria, apple blossom and magnolias.

2. Unexpectedly warm weather

Check your luck. If you ask a local what weather you can expect in spring, you can expect anything but a clear answer. It can be very cold, or very hot, very wet or very dry. You can only know for sure about the weather of that particular spring in London by the time the summer starts. So, pack a warm jumper and a raincoat, but don’t forget your sunglasses. And usually you will be rewarded with some unexpectedly warm sunny days, when you can have a drink outside and feel the summer coming.

Spring in London

3. Fewer tourists

This one is even more relative than the weather. Of course there is no such thing as low tourism season in London – it is popular any time of the year. There are however times, which I can only describe as ‘an over-populated hell on Earth’, and these times are August and December. Early spring in London is the time with fewer crowds, so if you like your private space, this (together with November) could be the time for you to visit this city.

4. Spring events in London

Despite the fact that early spring can be less touristy time in London, you will definitely not be bored there, even if it is not your first (but rather 10th) time visiting this city. Some of the main springtime events are St Patrick’s Day, Head of the River Race, London Beer Week, Easter and London Marathon, but there are so many more smaller local festivals, art exhibitions and events happening around.  And if you ever run out of events (which is more than unlikely), here and here are some more ideas on what you can do in London anytime.

Spring in London

5. Run or do some outdoor sports

Did I just mention London Marathon? Ok, that event is way too intimidating, but even if you have never tried running, this might be just the right time and the place to give it a go. Actually, I myself got into running by reading a blog of a London girl and since then running in this city gave me the biggest pleasure (not that I have done a lot of it, though).

But seriously, with those beautiful parks, canals and perfect not-too-hot and not-too-cold weather, spring in London is perfect for getting out and starting moving. If you need some motivation, visit the huge Nike shop on Oxford Circus. Did you know that Nike also organises free yoga, cardio and other trainings in several London parks as well as runs through the different parts of the city. To be honest, it has been my dream for years to join a run starting in Covent Garden, but being pregnant or having a baby with me does not help. Oh well, there will be more of those spring times.

6. Visit the parks of London

Speaking of parks! Most parks of London are beautiful in any season, but they will just blow your mind in spring. Head to Richmond or Hamptsead Heath for a more rural nature experience, or enjoy the central Hyde Park, Holland Park, Regent’s and St James Park. And for the best experience of them all, try Kew Gardens. I bet you have not seen so many blooming plants in your life.

spring in london squirrel

7. Visit the museums of London

London museums are the best, and on top of being the best, most of them are free too. Honestly, it is rather hard to beat what London has to offer in terms of museums, and living there has spoilt most of the museum experiences in other countries for me. However, there is one disadvantage those amazing museums have, and it is the crowds. Come on Sunday or during a school holiday and you will not be able to move in the crowd of people.

Spring months in London is one of those seasons when I find the museums slightly less crowded. The children are still in schools (just check the dates of the Easter holidays) and the weather is already nice enough for the tourists to spend at least part of the time outside, instead of sticking to the galleries. So, use your spring break in London to visit some.

8. Cheaper tickets and hotels

London is expensive, not much more to add. However, early spring (as well as February) can be a slightly cheaper time to visit it. As a rule you can find some more competitive flight and hotel deals. If you use Groupon or other similar sites for discounts, you may find some good deals during this time.

Spring in London

9. Perfect weather for tea

So, you have just saved some money using the previous advice. Now I will give you a reason to spend it. Spring in London (like summer, winter or autumn in London) is just the perfect time for tea. When it gets chilly or rainy, use the time to get an afternoon tea or high tea experience. Just a note: the tea in this case does not mean tea as a drink, but also includes several plates of sandwiches, cakes and scones. So do come hungry!

10. Come hungry

Unless you come from the southern hemisphere, by the time the spring arrives, you probably had enough of winter. You are starving for the new sights, and every new flower makes you excited. Spring is in general my favourite time to go and visit places, as everything seems so new, so fresh and so exciting after the long winter. The impressions you get in spring are stronger than in autumn, so by visiting London in spring season you will make sure to get the most out of your visit.
Spring in London

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  1. Anisa says:

    I am so looking forward to the warmer weather. I can’t wait to get outside and spend some time enjoying the parks!

  2. TheGlobetrotterGP says:

    Youre right, spring is a great time to visit london! Especially as it can get pretty busy and in the summer, the crowds in the heat can get a bit much – esp the underground. Spring is usually lovely weather though this week is an exception – we have sooooo much snow!

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