Spa Vilnius Anyksciai in Lithuania: Hotel Review

Spa vilnius anyksciai

I hope I have already convinced you to come to Lithuania. And if so, let’s try to find you a great place to stay here and explore not only the capital Vilnius, but also the surroundings. If you plan to travel to Anyksciai, then Spa Vilnius Anyksciai might be just the right place to spend the night (and a couple of extra days).

ABOUT Spa Vilnius Anyksciai

Lithuania may not be known a spa destination, but there are definitely many good spa in Lithuania. Among of them the brand of Spa Vilnius stands out as one of the better quality (and pricier) choice. You can chose between Spa Vilnius in the capital, Spa Vilnius Druskininkai and now this hotel in Anyksciai, which is the newest of them all.

Spa vilnius anyksciai room

LOCATION of Spa Vilnius Anyksciai

Do not be confused by the name (as I myself initially was). Spa Vilnius Anyksciai is not in Vilnius, but in the little town of Anyksciai in Central Lithuania.

The town itself is known for the treetop wooden path called Laju Takas, from which you can see the famous forest of Anyksciai, described by the famous Lithuanian poet Antanas Baranauskas. You can also swim in the river, visit the corn labyrinth and take a ride on a little train.

WHAT MAKES Spa Vilnius Anyksciai SPECIAL

I loved their mineral water. There are several taps of various temperatures and mineral contents, and you can just come any time and have a glass. I have a freakish taste for warm salty water.

Spa vilnius anyksciai mineral water

Another thing setting this spa aside from the others was the quality of everything, which surrounds you. Paper cups instead of plastic glasses for mineral water, good mattress, a shower which is almost as relaxing as a spa experience and a signature line of bath products with the smell of bergamot (a very addictive smell, by the way).


I had a chance to enjoy a breakfast, two lunches and one dinner during my stay and I would rate them all as very good. I would have prefered to have a bit broader fruit selection for breakfast, but my stay was during the winter time. I am sure that during the season you can have access to more variety.

There are several meat, fish and vegetarian options for lunch and dinner. And to finish your meal, try one of their signature herbal teas and a handmade chocolate truffle.

OTHER FACILITIES at Spa Vilnius Anyksciai

Spa Anyksciai Vilnius is rather far away from the town itself, but you have quite enough to entertain you during a short stay.

– Spa Centre
– Swimming pool, jacuzzi and sauna
– Gym
– Restaurant
– Playroom for kids
– Beautiful forest around the spa


Do pay attention, that the play room doubles also as a conference room. This means that if there is a conference or a meeting taking place during your stay, the playroom will not be available. I have learnt this the hard way, coming there to work at a conference and taking my son with me to have some fun. And then I actually ended up being the bad guy who took the playroom away from him.


Address: Vilniaus str., Anyksciai, Lithuania

Online: Website and Facebook.

Prices and booking: If you want to check or book this hotel, you can do it here. You may also want to check some tips to get a better deal on this or other hotels.

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