Salionas, Vilnius: Great Cocktails and Best Pickles

Sandwiches at Salionas

Salionas is a slightly hidden bar in Vilnius, Lithuania. Come here for reading events, dance nights and some of the best cocktails in town.

Some History

Salionas did not just pop up in the middle of nowhere. It is located in the Writer’s House in Vilnius. Prior to Salionas, it used to be the venue of another rather legendary place called Suokalbis. It was frequented by writers, musicians and other artsy people. When Salionas was opened by a team of four young enthusiasts, two of them professional barmen, it was kind of pre-destined to be successful.

Salionas is also a cocktail bar in Vilnius, which I probably visit most often. This is mostly because my main Vilnius night-life guru friend Dr. Auryte has chosen it as her main spot (after staying loyal to Gringo for many years). She favours it so much that she actually rented it all for her PhD party (that’s just how anti-nerdy some PhD people are!).

The Look

To get to Salionas, you have to enter the Writers’ Associations House and walk past the main staircase straight through the building into the back part of it. And yeah, this corridor’s got the look. Salionas itself has a slightly simpler interior, but it keeps the general style of the building – a slightly shabby old-school luxury.

The place also has an inside yard, where you can have your drinks in the summer.

The Drinks at Salionas

The list of cocktails is almost endless. You get it all – the usual classics, the specials of Salionas and some less frequent ones. And if for some reason you managed to not find what you were looking for, just ask the barman to mix you what you want. Or also do it, if you do not want to spend half of your evening just reading the menu (it is the Writers’ house after all, so they probably don’t mind you reading in the corner).

Salionas Vilnius
Looking outside

The Food at Salionas

You’d be surprised, but this place actually has very good sandwiches. The food menu is very small, you practically get to chose between beef, chicken and vegetarian sandwich. I tried them all, I still don’t know which one is the best, but they are all worth tasting.

And there is a little detail here: the sandwiches are served with crisps and pickled cucumbers, and the cucumbers are the best I have ever tasted at any public venue. Last time we were there with a group of friends, and it was so funny to watch every single person taste those pickles and go: “Wow, tastes just like my mum’s!”


Inside yard

Apart from just regular drink and dance nights, Salionas also hosts some events, if you want to have some reading and culture together with your cocktail. Bukowski’s birthday, Balkan night and many others. Check the upcoming ones here.

All in all

One of the liveliest spots in town for a Saturday night cocktail. To have some life and music, arrive after 10 pm. To have a drink and a sandwich, arrive anytime during their working hours. And please let me know, if you liked those pickles.

Location: K. Sirvydo str. 6, Vilnius, Lithuania

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  1. Zholt says:

    Indeed. Good atmosphere inside and in the shady yard too. Last time I had a dry Martini there, got fairly tipsy afterwards. ?

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