Where to stay in Vilnius, Lithuania

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This guide will help you decide where to stay in Vilnius, Lithuania. I will present the key areas in the city centre, so you can choose one which is best for your personality and interests. I will also give you some suggestions for the best hotels in Vilnius Lithuania, so you have something to choose from.

I never tire repeating: Vilnius is much more than just a one-day travel destination. Yes, it is not big and very walkable, and yes, you can see pretty much all of the Old Town in one day. But the best thing in Vilnius is not its historical architecture, nor is it the rebellious Republic of Uzupis, nor the KGB museum – three “must-do’s” many guides will suggest you tick off in one day.

To feel the true magic of Vilnius you need to give it some time to get under your skin. Don’t rush the magic. Wake up early or sleep in. Get out and drink some of the best coffee in Europe in one of the oh-so-many cafes. Stroll around with no purpose. Watch the hot air balloons over the city in the evening. Have dinner at the open-air market. Visit some of the areas outside the city centre. And beware, after some days here you might find yourself thinking about moving here permanently. I know so many foreigners, who catch themselves 10 years later still wondering, what it was which made them stay here and call it home.

But really, it is no miracle. When I say ‘Vilnius’, I think ‘love’.

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Vilnius Old Town

The Old Town of Vilnius is walk-able, covering the area of less than 4 square kilometres. Although not big, it is densely packed with architectural beauty, churches, city vibe and great beer pubs you have ever experienced in your life. Keep in mind that some streets of Vilnius Old Town can be rather noisy, so if you want peace and quiet, stay away especially from Vilniaus, Islandijos and Vokieciu.

Best Hotels in Vilnius Old Town

Vilnius City Centre

Confusing as it may sound, the centre of Vilnius is everything, which is not an Old Town, but not any other suburb either. For a more modern experience stay on or around the main street – Gediminas Avenue and my favourite place in town: Lukiskes Square. It has a summer outdoor library, where you can pick a book and some coffee and read it in a hammock – how cool is that?

Best Hotels in Vilnius City Centre


Currently the up-and-coming area in Vilnius. Ironically, Naujamiestis (the name of the New Town in Lithuanian) is actually one of the oldest districts of Vilnius. It used to be rather neglected in the past years, but now the aesthetics of half-abandoned industrial monsters suddenly became trendy. The old factories are rebuilt into lofts, hostels, cafes and concert venues.

Best Hotels in Vilnius NEW TOWN AND Around the STATION DISTRICT

Republic of Uzupis

A must-see place for any visitor to Vilnius, which can be compared to the Monmartre in Paris or Christiania in Copenhagen. In the past, the district proclaimed its independence from Vilnius and Lithuania altogether and called itself the Republic of Uzupis. The Republic has its sheriff, ministers, a flag and a Constitution.

Best Hotels in Uzupis, Vilnius

Snipiskes and the New Centre

Some of the tallest buildings in Vilnius are located in the district called Snipiskes. Chose a hotel there for comfort. You will have to cross the river Neris to go to the centre by either Green Bridge, White Bridge or Mindaugas Bridge – any of them is a really nice (and short) walk.

Best Hotels in Snipiskes, Vilnius

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