Hotel Rixos Premium Belek in Turkey

About Rixos Premium Belek Hotel

Rixos Premium Belek in Turkey is a part of the bigger Rixos chain, and as it is usual with chains, it will be a safe choice with quite few surprises, either good nor bad. Rixos is still rather new and rather posh hotel, providing a perfect location for corporate conference or a relaxed couple and family holiday.

Rixos Premium Belek Hotel Turkey


It is a perfect option, if you are planning to rest more and explore less. Rixos Premium Belek is close to the airport, so you will not spend to much time on the bus getting there and back. The hotel has a large territory, so you should not get bored. However, if you are planning to travel around, Belek might not be the most exciting town to visit. The distances between the sights in Turkey can be huge, and the roads are not the best, so if you are planning to visit natural or historical sights, you better opt for a location closer to the sight itself.

Who is staying in Rixos Premium Belek

Families with or without children from all across Turkey, Europe and the Middle East. There are also several corporate groups coming from Europe, Middle East and Asia for a couple of days rather regularly.

What makes Rixos Premium Belek special

The combination of facilities and services it provides. There are not that many places where you can have it all and with such a good quality. I really enjoyed a spinning training, while my husband went for a oil painting class and our toddler tried building a sand castle at the Rixi kids club. And while it is fun to spend time together on holiday, it is also very exciting to split for a couple of hours and do the thing you like the most. So you can get back together over a nice meal and tell each other about your adventures.

Food at Rixos Premium Belek

All you can (and cannot) eat. The food selection is huge and the quality is very good. A wide selection of meals is available almost constantly at the main restaurant and several other locations of the hotel. Rixos Premium Belek has its French street for pastries and coffee, a gelato kiosk, a shisha bar and several bars in the lounge and on the beach for your coffees and cocktails. And if this was not enough, you can also chose between 6 a la carte restaurants, which you can book in advance.

Other facilities

They are a plenty. Let’s go one by one:

Rixos Sport Academy – depending on a day and time of the year, you can chose between all kind of sport, ranging from yoga to TRX, spinning, kick-boxing, meditation and even a special butt-shaping workout (so you will come home and everyone will be impressed, how toned and tanned your butt got over the holidays). If you are a weight-lifting loner, there is a rather decent gym. And the cardio-loners will enjoy running around the territory of the hotels or by the sea shore.

Rixi kids club – if your child does not need constant maintenance of feeding, changing etc, this place will be prefect for him or her. There is a big selection of toys, a shallow pool, child-friendly restaurant and a constant choice of activities, such as kids sport, competitions, sand-castle building, painting to name just a few. Honestly, I would have gladly spent many hours there myself, but could not get my toddler interested in using the clay for sculpture instead of eating it. Maybe next year.

Art Classes – I would really recommend to ask for the programme of activities on your arrival. The art classes are not happening every day, but just a couple of times a week, and you have to book them in advance (although they are free of charge). So check in order not to miss it. There you will get all the supplies and professional guidance to produce an unexpectedly good masterpiece, even if you have never held a brush in your hand before.


As mentioned before, Rixos Premium Belek does not have any major natural, historical or cultural sights, therefore you will not be able to explore much during a shorter stay. Being a big chain hotel, you might notice that it does not have too much of a personality or vibe, if this is what you are looking for.

Practical information

Address: Rixos Premium Belek; Belek Mahallesi Kongre Caddesi No:18A, Belek-Serik, Antalya, Turkey

Online: Website

Prices and booking: Starting from 135 euro per night. You can check your dates here.

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